Band Booster Fundraiser Ideas for School Bands

Since crowdfunding typically happens online, the potential reach is much higher than an in-person event. The most important aspect of a raffle school fundraiser is the prizes you offer to donors. You want to give people an incentive to buy tickets, so give them prizes to get excited about!
Use the editable template below to create a custom flyer to advertise your penny war fundraiser. Once edited, the flyer can be downloaded and shared digitally through social media and email, and physically printed. Students can take home the flyer and show their parents the rules and intent of the penny war. In addition to pennies being worth positive points, it’s a good idea to include dollar bills as positive points as well.
The best way to raise money and awareness for your school’s crowdfunding campaign is to share it on social media. Obviously, you don’t want to overwhelm your followers, but you should share your campaign on Facebook and Twitter on a regular basis. No two crowdfunding campaigns are alike, but you can help your school’s fundraiser stand out by telling donors why your cause or project is unique.
” (which often gets the all-too-familiar “Fine” response), they can ask them about all the positive points they earned in class. Teachers also use tools within the app to keep everyone engaged during the off-season. Between competitions, Nicole checks out the Scoreboard feature to see who’s been earning the most points. And top students for the school get the spotlight with a special mention in the morning announcements. Consider it an opportunity to engage your community and even an educational experience for your band members.
If high school fundraisers love it, they also offer long-term course fees at a lower price. This fundraiser makes sure students get the textbooks they need while raising money for your school. Like a book swap, parents can donate their kids’ textbooks from the previous year. Then, new students can purchase the books at a discounted cost, with the proceeds going to the school. A read-a-thon functions similar to a walk-a-thon (or any other event-a-thon).
In a 50/50 fundraising raffle the prize is 50% of the money taken in by the raffle ticket sales. Basically, you’ll sell the raffle tickets and 50% of the earned money will be for the prize and the other 50% will be retained by the students. A food sale fundraiser is different from a bake sale or a fundraising dinner because the food items are usually ones that have a long shelf life. That way, you can sell over a couple weeks rather than just one day. If you can gather a group of volunteers willing to take initiative to sell, a food sale fundraiser could be a profitable fundraising activity. To give your school fundraiser a green spin, host an “Earth Day” fundraiser — but feel free to organize it outside of April 22.
Be creative, and remember to provide options for those who have mobility challenges. Review the prize chart with them and get them excited about their fundraiser. It’s a great opportunity to develop skills while helping them meet an important goal. Communication and patience were the best especially with someone like me asking too many questions. However, shipping costs are quite a bit too much for 20 or less.