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ASI is committed to providing the most cost-effect repairs and roof solutions tailored for the specific roof system we are repairing or evaluating. From emergency repairs to routine inspections and preventative maintenance, we handle all of our customers’ needs and concerns. A proven system that minimizes the potential of costly leak repairs and maximizes the service life of your existing roof system. This white, lightweight roof system is capable of reflecting sunlight to help keep buildings cooler. These roofing membranes are single-ply and can be installed using a variety of methods. With all the ongoing reports and fear of COVID-19 that continue to develop we felt it necessary to express where we stand as a company.
The commercial roof repair experts at Cotton GDS can provide a free roof assessment to determine the state of your current roofing system. If a channel provides commercial roofing leads at a low cost, why not give it a try? That’s the logic that’s driven thousands of companies toward social media.
Take advantage of our expertise in supplying professional roofing products. On the other hand, residential buildings have a pitched roof with a higher slope that’s simpler to install. This quick installation roofing system will adhere and expand as it is applied on your roof. Maintenance is typically required every 5 years to renew the UV coating barrier. Our roofing products have been designed to withstand the toughest weather conditions in North America – hail storms, strong winds, hurricanes, and more. Removal of an existing roofing system to install a new one can be disruptive to nearby establishments and your building’s occupants.
Single-ply , concrete, modified bitumen, built-up roofing system , tar and gravel are the most common materials utilized in commercial roofing systems. Most are built over a sheet metal decking, though some commercial buildings employ wood decking. Residential roofs, more often than not, are made of asphalt shingles in the midwestern states.
Make sure your gutter systems are properly installed and maintained to prevent water build up on the roofing system itself. If you notice any signs of weathering or erosion on your commercial roof, take action immediately. A professional roofer can help identify the source of the problem and make necessary repairs before any further damage occurs. We offer high-performing roofing systems for commercial, industrial and residential applications.
Watch this short video to see why Garland is the building envelope partner that you and your buildings need. Roofing Barrie -performance building products and world-class services are founded on more than 120 years of experience solving customer problems. As a leading commercial roofing company, we understand the unique challenges that come with owning, managing and designing buildings – and we can be there every step of the way. Metal Roofing is one of the oldest commercial roofing systems on the market.
We handle commercial, industrial, offices, hospitality, distribution centers, retail centers, education, and more. In both hot and cold temperatures, making it a viable option for installation through all four seasons. Energy Efficient – Sheet metal can be made from recycled material. Class A Fire-Rated –TPO membranes and EPDM can achieve Underwriters Laboratories Class A fire resistance listings by adding fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process.
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